Monday, November 19, 2012

A Little Background

By little, I mean LITTLE. Seriously abridged. Completely summarized. Without much detail at all, really. Because if I gave it all away at the get-go, I'd have nothing to write about here. Always got to leave em wanting more, right?Here goes.

My name is Kat (or Kittie if you know me well). I am mom to a little girl (we'll refer to her as D) & Significant Other to my beloved J. He & I have been together for eight years. We're not married (yet). I've been holding out for the wedding I want not the wedding I have to settle for. That's not the kind of girl I am.

 D snuck up on us, though. J & I hadn't planned on having kids until a bit further down the road. D had other ideas & formulated a sneak-attack. She's a damn ninja.

J & I started our life together in Alaska, our home state. It's also where I got a taste for the funeral business. I worked as an admin assistant & office manager for a funeral home for almost two years. It was during my time there that I realized funeral service was what I wanted to do with my life. Not a common career choice but it feels right for me. A couple variables came together & we moved to Nashville, TN so I could attend mortuary college, get a degree & become a licensed funeral director/ embalmer.

Of course, nothing we ever do is easy & the theme of our lives has always been entropic - where there is order created, chaos ensues. A few months after we arrived in TN & shortly after I began my first semester of Mortuary College, I became pregnant. Here's the kicker - I didn't find out I was pregnant for almost 6 months. Say what you will but fact remains, I had no pregnancy-specific symptoms (morning sickness, etc) & what symptoms I did have were easily attributed to the huge amounts of stress I'd been under.

 However even after the pregnancy was realized, I knew I couldn't give up on school. I continued my coursework in my last trimester & gave birth to my beautiful daughter November 25, 2011. The following Monday (2.5 days postpartum for those keeping score at home) I completed my first of 4 final exams for that semester & managed to get my best grades of my time at that school.

 Yeah, I rock.

Again, a few variables came together that determined it was more beneficial to take the following semester off & hit it hard the semester after. I got a good 4 months to do the full-time stay-at-home mom thing. Even though it drove me crazy at times, I wouldn't change it. I feel pretty lucky to have been able to stay at home w/ my baby those first few months.

 Life isn't without it's struggles (understatement of the century) but all in all, we do alright. D makes sure we smile every day & we work as hard as we can to keep the smiles coming.

 So, dear reader, thank you for joining me in documenting this journey. There are a whole lot of Mommy Blogs out there so thanks for taking the time for mine.

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